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Spaceslug + Motsus + Beaten By Hippies

6 februari 2020
JH SOJO (19:00- 23:00)

Spaceslug (Pl)
They just released their NEW album! Reign of the Orion. Another gem in their already awsome collection of records.
For all who loves cosmos and heavy riffs

Motsus (Be) 
Their music is dead slow and heavy, sometimes razor fast but foremost persistent, as a long fully loaded freight train

Beaten By Hippies (Be)
High volume, a sledgehammer beat, screaming guitars infused with psychedelic flashes, massive grooves and stripped down hard rock is what this ferocious and powerful live unit will bring you.

Doors 19u00
Beaten by Hippies 20u00-21u00
Motsus 21u30-22u30
Spaceslug 22u00-23u00

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