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Psychonaut + Fvzz Popvli + Sher Khan

14 februari 2019
JH SOJO (18:00- 23:50)

Psychedelic post-metal collective from Mechelen, Belgium.
Their signature sound is heavily influenced by 70’s bands like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, but also draws inspiration from more modern sources like Tool and Amenra.

Raised in Rome by Pootchie and Datio in A.D. MMXVI, with the conception of powertrio a direct and rough way for bring heavy fuzzy riffs. Their sound melt Black Sabbath style heavy riffs with the attitude of the roughest garagepunk bands like The Stooges, adding the psychedelia from 70's getin' their own style! their 2nd album "MAGNA FVZZ", will be released the 05.10.2018 on HPS Rec.

Sher Khan is an alternative instrumental noise band from Leuven, consisting of 2 guitars and a drum. One is responsible for the bassy guitar tones and the other for spherical noise, supported by booming drums.

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