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Vloer1 Presents: Stelplaats Sessions vol. IV

18 januari 2020

(@ Vloer1)

An initiative created by a number of driven and passionate individuals. They have put their heads together to mainly act as one of the cornerstones of the Leuven scene.

This in collaboration with Vloer1 to offer its members stage opportunities with other experienced bands and artists from all over the world and beyond.

Age and experience are of no importance at all. The focus lies mainly on live performances, jams, acoustic sets and similar realizations.

Stelplaats Sessions is completely free of internal financing, i.e. it is entirely based on the consumption revenue and the free contributions during the event. No entrance fee is requested because we want to keep the threshold as low as possible to create an accessible location for those who are not yet familiar with the venue.

- Anyone who feels called upon can always participate
- Those who want to support this event can simply make a free contribution on the spot

Awesome bands to kick off our first 2020 edition, we present to you an evening filled with darkness and melancholy:

The Weary
Post-metal straight from the Pajottenland region near Brussels (Bever).
They're also a fan of: Neurosis, Cult of Luna, Amenra, The Ocean, Baptists, Conan, Stikstof, Spring, RVA, ...

Ethereal Darkness
Another Brussels based band!
Ethereal Darkness is a Melodic Death/Doom Metal band with an atmospheric touch. The music is focused on the dark side of life and the eternal relationship between life and death, loss and love.

Drawn Into Descent
Atmospheric post-black metal from our beloved Mechelen. How 'bout making this a yearly occurance, huh?
Brace yourself for some REALLY GOOD atmospheric black metal with post-rock, blackgaze and depressive influences. Be taken from melancholy to chaos. Slow and heavy build ups, intense riffs and obscure vocals.
Founded in 2013, they are moving on quiet tranquil but at a pace. They toured with bands such as Atra Vetosus (AUS), Perennial Isolation (ESP) and Glorior Belli (FR).
In November 2018 they performed at Catacombfest Resurrection. February last year was their first time at JH SOJO (SOJO Sounds Goes Underground).
On March 15th they released their second album "The Endless Endeavour" after which they joined Enisum (IT) for their Moth's Illusion Tour.

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