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Horst Arts & Music Festival

13 september 2019 - 15 september 2019
Vilvoorde (16:00- 12:00)

The end is never the end. It’s always a new beginning.

Horst's new horizon marks a new musical outlook. The program features a consciously curated selection of emerging and established Belgian and international artists, producers, DJ's and performers who share adventure and flair as a common denominator. Horst showcases a broad range of contemporary dance music. From techno to EBM to various strains of more leftfield-oriented acts and experimental pop.

Horst Festival will arise in Vilvoorde-North on September 13, 14 & 15.


The Festival momentum also counts as the final destination of Horst’s artistic itinerary. It is a symbiosis of autonomous artworks, community projects, inventive stage structures, scenography, architecture and the collective experience of an immersive three-day festival experience.


In 2019 Horst will focus on ASIAT - a former military site with two iconic cooling towers as a backdrop - and part of Vilvoorde-North. Horst will use art, architecture and music as instruments to activate a district in transition and stimulate the development of Vilvoorde-North.

The ASIAT site comprises 6 hectares of urban space, with over twenty warehouses, all shaped in different sizes and arranged within a maze of corridors and green rooms. It is the ultimate, blank canvas for Horst. A space to be activated and infused with artistic and urban installations.

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